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1. Create your cartoon pet

animation showing customization of waggables stuffed animal

Use our fun customizer to build your Waggable. Choose colors, shapes, and features to match your real pet or your dream pet.

2. Get your plush

waggables pricing

Great deal for a handsewn custom 3D plush product.

3. Hugs for days

woman holding waggables plush

We hand-sew your Waggable and ship it to your door. You’ll get email updates from our production team throughout the sewing process

Can't Wait Until the Launch?

Check out our Petsies service:

Petsies are handmade stuffed animal lookalikes of your real pets. Check them out!

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The world’s best custom plush company with over 70,000 unique stuffed animals delivered to 70 countries.

The (not so) serious stuff.

waggables animation stuffed animals of pets waggables animation stuffed animals of pets

Wait. What are Waggables?

8" plush balls handsewn based on your design. 100% cute, 200% huggable.

How do I customize and buy my own?

Head over to our customizer to make a fun cartoon. Some people simply make fun characters, other people make Waggables to resemble their real pets (which is totally cute).

Then proceed through checkout like any online shopping website. You can pay with credit card, PayPal, Amazon, or Apple Pay (only in mobile Safari on iOS devices)

Are Waggables dog toys?

Waggables are not dog toys. We encourage you to get a Waggable of your pet, but not for your pet to chew on.

Please do not let your pets play with the plush because they might tear out the eyes or noses and create a choking hazard. Waggables do not have squeakers or bells.

Wait: Can my kid design their own toy?

Yup! We've seen some really fun creations happen when parents let their kids play with the customizer to design their own toys. Who cares if it looks wacky? The kiddos love them!

Who else are Waggables for?

Boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, kids, and pets are all fair game.

Other people get Waggables for family or friends who are far away. Like kids going off to college.

Waggables are also great for the friend who passive aggressively says "I love your dog so much! One day I'm just gonna steal her!"  Keep your dog, give the friend the Waggable.

Or, forget everyone else... and just get one for yourself!

These are balls: do they bounce?

Not sure why people keep asking this one... they bounce like any soft ball of fluff would bounce lol. Less of a bouncy ball "boing". More of poofball "plufph".

What about cats and other pets?

Coming soon! Vote for which pet you'd like us to plushify next here. (and get notified when we do) 

How do you ship them?

After we finish sewing them, we use USPS Priority or First Class Mail for super fast delivery. We send you several updates throughout the creation process (when your Waggable cartoon goes through its transormative spa experience and becomes a real plush!). We also send you the tracking number upon shipment. Shipping costs just $5.95, and Waggables arrive in a super cute gift box :)

Do you deliver internationally? 

Yep! We ship to 70+ countries, including yours.

What are Waggables made of?

Supersoft  polyester plush furs and plush fabrics with all-new hypoallergenic filling. We handpicked the best premium fabrics for our Waggables from dozens of swatches.

Who is behind this?

We are the same team that brought you Budsies and Petsies. You might have seen us on Shark Tank.  

I have another question.

Please read our actual FAQs and send us a direct message at our support portal: There are special sections there for writers/reporters as well as partners/resellers.

It's also fun to make Waggables of real pets ;)

brown dog with waggables plush

Create your own custom Waggable to celebrate your pet. Whether it’s a current furry friend or one forever in your heart.

Exhibit A: Proud Waggables Recipients

(Just an excuse to put our puppies on our website)

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