How It Works!

1. Choose Your Waggable

There are 3 limited-edition Waggables to choose from.

2. Get Surprise Accessories

Get a surprise accessory for the hand, the head, the back, and tail.

3. Hugs for days

Enjoy your new Waggable and mix & match their accessories.

Choose Your Waggable

Waggables believe in the magic of imagination, and encourage kids to dream, create, and have fun! Through Waggables, everyone can learn that being their silly, creative selves is a cause for celebration. 

Limited-Edition Surprise Accessories

These Waggables are not only adorable plush companions but also interactive and fun with four velcro areas (hand, top of head, back, and tail) so you can interchange accessories or leave your Waggable accessory free.

Special Holiday Accessories: ONLY 100 special Waggables will come with our limited-edition Holiday accessories!

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The (not so) serious stuff.

What are Waggables?

8" Plush balls with interchangeable accessories in 4 different areas - the left hand, the top of the head, the back, and the tail. 

How does it work?

You will choose your Waggable from our products page and they will come with 4 different accessories, so it'll be a fun surprise when you unbox your Waggable.

What if I want a specific accessory?

Right now, our accessories are a surprise, so you never know what you'll unbox with your Waggable. When you purchase more than 1, you increase your odds of getting different accessories, but we will also be launching accessory bundles soon. That way, you can purchase additional accessories for your Waggables. Stay tuned!

What are Waggables made of?

Supersoft polyester plush furs and plush fabrics with all-new hypoallergenic filling. We handpicked the best premium fabrics for our Waggables from dozens of swatches.

How do you ship them?

After we accessorize the Waggables, we use USPS Priority or First Class Mail for super fast delivery. We also send you the tracking number upon shipment. 

Who is behind this?

We are the same team that brought you Budsies and Petsies . We're headquartered in Delray Beach, FL, and were featured on Shark Tank!

Do you deliver internationally? 

Yep! We ship to 70+ countries, including yours.

I have another question.

We have more FAQs and at our support portal:  http://support.waggables.com . There are special sections there for writers/reporters as well as partners/resellers.